HABERSHAMCelebrating more than 40 years in business, Habersham an international creator of elegant, yet refreshingly relaxed custom furniture and custom-fitted cabinetry for any room in the home, including the kitchen, dressing room, wine cellar, master bath and more. From the beginning, this family-owned and operated business has set the standard for the fine art of furniture design. Habersham’s team of trained designers, artisans and craftsman look to architectural and furniture styles, design motifs and color palettes from countless periods and places around the world to find the inspiration for their meticulously hand-finished and styled designs. The goal? To create true works of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


It all started in the small North Georgia town of Clarkesville. It was 1969 and Habersham founder, Joyce Eddy, had just been given the chance to operate a small antique shop located above an old laundromat. This was just the opportunity a woman of Joyce’s vision and energy would turn into the perfect blend of utility, artistry and soul.

Looking for ways to make her antique business more profitable, she began crafting decorative purses from vintage wooden cigar boxes. The designs were a hit and Joyce named her new venture after Georgia’s Habersham County.

The ideas just kept coming. One day Joyce was driving by a local textile company and spotted a pile of old discarded wooden spools that she decided to craft into candleholders and other folk art items. With the help of her sons and other relatives, Joyce expanded Habersham’s offerings to include handcrafted furniture.

As word spread and production demands grew, so too did Joyce’s company. Today, Habersham still leads the way in the fine art of furniture design. As Chairman of the Board, Joyce and her son Matthew, Habersham’s Chief Executive Officer, have successfully carried the line’s signature artistry and quality craftsmanship to custom cabinetry as well. Together, Habersham’s custom furniture and cabinetry designs offer rich, opulent finishes and an array of versatile, casually elegant styles that enhance today’s gracious lifestyle.