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 To learn more about products and services visit there website at www.wolfgordon.com

Wolf-Gordon is an American design company, founded in 1967, that offers designers a comprehensive source for wallcoverings with common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. From vinyl, non-woven, and TPO materials, to silks, suedes, grass cloths, and woods, we aim to provide products that are uniquely beautiful, technologically advanced, and easy on the environment.

We believe that being a valuable resource for our customers in the 21st century means developing a wider range of interior surfacing materials. To that end, we have innovated with an ever-growing line of upholstery and drapery textiles, high-performing paints, and Wink, a clear dry-erase coating.

Custom and digital print products are important to creating signature, site-specific environments. We work together with our clients to design and produce their concepts to their specifications, and we are proud to have furnished customized designs to an impressive list of corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

wolfgordon.com is a great place to start exploring our product lines. A phone call to our customer service department at 800.347.0550, will help answer questions and connect you to your local Wolf-Gordon Sales Representative.