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Classic Roman Shade

Simple and elegant, the Classic Roman is our most popular style. The shade hangs off the back of the headrail and raises in soft folds. When lowered completely, the material hangs flat. A standard 6-inch valance hangs off the front of the headrail concealing the shade’s hardware.

Hobbled Roman Shade

The Hobbled Roman Shade keeps its elegant Roman folds even when lowered.

Averte Natural Fold

This versatile treatment can be used on a window like a drapery, on a patio door like a vertical blind or as a room divider. Since it is hand traversed, there are no draw cords to tangle or break. The Averté Natural Fold™ does not come standard with any valance. However, any of our valance options can be ordered to go with it.

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The Twin Shade

Combined in one unit, The Twin Shade is a fashionable Natural Woven Shade in the front with a practical Roller Shade in the back that acts as a movable lining.

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Natural Woven Side Panels

Horizons Natural Woven Side Panels are the beautiful combination of today’s two most desirable window fashion trends – side panels and natural woven materials.

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Élance Sliding Panel

Élance™ is Horizons own unique sliding panel track system. They have become the fashionable new way to cover large windows and patio doors. Running the patterns vertically gives Élance™ unmatched stability and beauty.

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Premium Woven Top Treatments

Premium Top Treatments are a collection of 10 stunning valances fashioned from any of the beautiful weaves in the Horizons Natural Woven Shade Collection.

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